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Istanbul busy harbor offers an excellent ferry system. The Galata tower and Old Pera appear in the background

Old Byzantine gates of the city. The coming cars need to make 90 degrees turn so the man on the left signals to stop or proceed

The hanging Bosphorus bridge linking Europe and Asia and a luxurious Bosphorus palace

Elegant housing on the asian side of Istanbul

The beautiful Macka park in the heart of Istanbul with its cable cars. Hilton appears in the background (center) and the Intercontinental at the right

Me and Mom at the cable car station at Macka park

Another view of the Macka park with one of the most exclusive neighborhood of Istanbul: Macka/Tshvikye appearing in the background

Mom and Dad enjoying Macka park

Aboard the horse carriage at Buyuk Ada (Princes Islands). No vehicles allowed in these beautiful peaceful islands (as Pierre Flener, a Turkey guru, indicated, in summer this is not a very peaceful place). A turkish villager passes by with his horses

Teen turkish girls chatting and having great time in a quite Sunday afternoon at Buyuk Ada.

These are the kings of the Princess islands. Wish I were "free as a bird", I would have stayed there :)

The even quieter and less populated Burgaz island.

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