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Fantastic art gallery at the Soguk Cesme Sokagi near Aya (Haghia) Sophia

Porter at the entrance of the Suleymaniye Cultural Center

Inside the Suleymaniye Cultural Center with its world-class restaurant. The irony is that this used to be a poor-people food distribution center at the times of Suleyman the magnificent.

The amazing structure of Aya (Haghia) Sophia

Another view of the Aya (Haghia) Sophia and the street leading from Aya Sophia to the Blue Mosque

Islam and Christianity under one roof at the Aya (Haghia) Sophia Museum

This picture is not upside down. This how you would see this roman head statue at the base of a pillar in the Yerebatan (underground) Saray (Palace) or Basilica Cistern. This used to be a huge water reservoir for springs water from Belgrade forests (at northern Istanbul)

View of the Abdul-Mecit Pavilion of the Topkapi Palace and Konyali Restaurant all the way down from the Bosphorus shore

The terrace of the Baghdad pavilion at Topkapi

Sunset from the Topkapi palace at the city of mosques!

Letter (on the right) from prophet Mohammed (PBUH) to Al-Mouqawkas - the roman ruler of Egypt - inviting him to Islam. This is one of the relics of the Prophet held at the Hirka-i Saadet Dairesi suite in Topkapi palace

The sword of Khaled ibn Elwalid (in red) and Ammar ibn Yasser (in black under Khaled's sword), two of the early companions of the Prophet. These are also at Hirka-i Saadet Dairesi suite in Topkapi palace

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