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Majestic Mosques of Istanbul

The mosques of Istanbul are truly great examples of islamic architecture at its best. The collection is only rivaled by that of Old Cairo. The mosques in Cairo span a longer time period and represent different architectural styles. The Istanbul mosques are very well maintained. They are built more or less to follow the guideline of the great architect Sinan.

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The largest and most difficult to reach of Istanbul famous mosques -- Suleymaniye mosque of the Sultan Suleyamn the magnificent. At his time, the Ottoman empire reached its peak in all aspects of life

Entrance of the Suleymaniye Mosque

The truly masterpiece of all mosques, the Blue Mosque of Sultan Ahmet with its unique six minarets

The ablution fountains outside the Blue Mosque offered by a German Emperor (maybe Kaiser Wilhelm?)

Entrance and ablution fountains of the Beyazit mosque (one of the oldest in the city)

The Yeni (new) Mosque down at Sirkeci as seen from the yard of the Suleymaniye Mosque

The elegant Rustem Pasha Mosque with the Suleymaniye Mosque at the background. The famous Istanbul "eternal" Dolmus in the foreground with part of the Eminonu bus station

Interior of the very elegant and relatively newer Dolmabahce Mosque

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