The pyramid of Khafre and the Sphinx

The height of the pyramid of Khafre is 136.4 m. This pyramid, preserving a considerable part of the limestone casing near the top, has the most complete complex of the Giza Pyramids. It seems larger than the Great Pyrmaid of Khoufo but it is actually slightly smaller, the illusion being caused by its higher elevation on the limeston plateau.

The Sphinx (arabic Abou el-Hawl) is made of soft stone and has suffered form considerable erosion. It has the shape of a mythical animal with the body of a lion and haed of a man. It dates to the period of Khafre and it actually has his face. However, it represents a guardian deity of the necropolis.

Side View of the Sphinx with the Great Pyramid in the background

The great pyramid of Khufu (one belonging to the horizon) now stands 137m high. The number of stones used in buliding it is estimated to be 2,300,000 each averaging 2.5 tons.

Air View of the Pyrmids Complex

The village of Nazlat El-Samman can be seen to the south. The village is a major cause for the rise of the underground water level now threatening the pyramids area. Most probably the picture of the two F-16 has been montaged here.

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