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Research Interest of Dr. Khaled M. Fouad Elsayed

My research interests lie in the broad area of communication networks and wireless communications.  I am particularly focusing on radio resource management in 4G wireless networks, traffic engineering for flow-based routers using operational OSPF networks, and optical networks. See below for more details.

You can find my  publications here.

I- 4G Wireless Systems and Networks

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) of the United Nations has defined system requirements for 4G wireless systems in what is known as IMT-advanced. These requirements are very challenging to satisfy by today’s current technologies. Our research focuses on a subset of the core technologies needed for evolving current wireless systems, as realized in the third generation partnership project (3GPP) Long Term Evolution (LTE) system and IEEE 802.16e (WiMAX), towards 4th generation system as defined in the ITU IMT-advanced. We target 4 inter-dependent research areas essential for achieving spectral eficiency in the vicinity of 10 bits/sec/Hz.

II- Multi-Service Packet Networks

Multi-service packet networks are designed to combine the best of two realms: circuit-switched networks with strong quality of service support as evidenced by the telephone network, and the cost-effectiveness, ubiquity, and robustness of (best-effort) packet-switched networks as evidenced by the Internet. The main mechanism for transforming best-effort packet-switched networks into a multi-services network is a framework and architectural mechanisms for supporting quality of service (QOS). The problem of QOS support is complicated since there are several potential applications with distinct QOS profiles and traffic characteristics. Moreover, it is not possible to support any of these mechanisms without looking on the network at-large and ensuring that the design of the network at the access, edge, and core levels is done in a proper manner that supports the highest possible performance and exhibits good resilience when forced failures or planned attacks are foreseen. My research in this area concentrates on the following topics:

III- Optical Networks

With the introduction of the lambda and sub-lambda OXCs and the huge available fiber link capacities,  there is  an ample supply of bandwidth to be exploited. On the other hand, most of the current traffic is switched via SONET/SDH which is pretty inefficient for data traffic. Therefore, in order to efficiently utilize the huge potential of optical networks, mechanisms for efficient support of IP traffic over WDM are crucial. Also, fiber-cuts and node failures could wreak havoc for operator’s networks. Mechanisms for protection and failure restoration are of paramount importance in this domain. The main areas I am focusing on here are:

Last update: May, 2010