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Cairo University
Electronics & Communications Engineering Department

Dr. Khaled M. Fouad Elsayed

Professional Activities


United States Patent US5896568 Wireless Architecture Having Redistributed Access Functions
Co-inventor with S. Tseng, K. Basu, and Y. Zhu of Nortel INC. A proposal is directed to wireless access architecture in which a portion of the access function components traditionally located at the cell sites are redistributed using advanced DSP design and state of the art ATM techniques.

European Commission Proposals Evaluator


Conference Technical Program Committees

Journals and Conference Reviewer

Participating in peer review process for technical journals and conferences:



Society Membership

Funded Research and Grants

Analog Devices INC
Grant of US$ 15,000 for constructing an Embedded Computing and Signal Processing Lab.
Date: 6/2005

Analog Devices INC
Grant worth US$ 3,500 of DSP equipment and software.
Date: 9/2004
Schlumberger INC
Grant worth US$ 1,999 of smartcards equipment and software
Date: 9/2004

Analog Devices INC

Grant worth US$ 5,300 of DSP equipment and software.
Date: 6/2002

UNESCO Cairo Office
Title:  Interactive Education of Computer Networks Co-investigator with Professor M. El-Hadidi
Date: 11/1998 through 4/2000

North Carolina Supercomputer Center
Title: Versatile Modeling of ATM Networks. Co-investigator with Professor H. G. Perros, NCSU, USA
Date: 11/1993 through 10/94

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