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  Cairo University
Electronics & Communications Engineering Department
Senior Graduation Projects
Dr. Khaled M. Fouad Elsayed

Each year I offer a variety of project ideas for 4th year students. The general areas tackled in the projects are:
Typically, the projects require skills in the following area:
Information on some previous year projects can be found below.

Information about projects for 2003/2004, click here.

Academic Year 2002/2003

  1. BGP Multihoming Optimization

  2. This project realized a multihoming platform to control BGP routing for a site with connections to multiple ISPs. Final presentation available by request.
  3. SIP Firewall Controlling Proxy

  4. The problem with SIP in a firewalled environment is that SIP used dynamically allocated ports. This project realized a prototype firewall for SIP using iptables (but without NAT). 
    Project final presentation available by clicking here..

Academic Year 2001/2002

  1. Linux-based Implementation of a DiffServ Router

  2. This project aimed at designing a DiffServ router based on Linux built-in packet shaping and packet marking capabilities. 
    Project final presentation available by clicking here.
  3. Integrated Firewall and Intrusion Detection System

  4. Using Linux/NetBSD packet filtering, the snort package, and QT, a user-friendly GUI-based security management platform is implemented. 
    Project final presentation available by clicking here.
  5. Transcoding Proxy Server for Mobile and PDA Clients

  6. A proxy server capable of identifying client platforms and tuning the image resolution and properties to the specific client environment is being implemented.
  7. Dual Mode UMTS/GSM Software Radio Architecture

  8. A module for a universal channelizer of GSM and UMTS is being implemented on MATLAB.

Academic Year 2000/2001

These projects were implemented in academic year 2000/2001.
  1. QTC

  2. A GUI Tool was developed to interface with the Linx Traffic Control (TC) package. The user can define several policies for traffic shaping and scheduling of a Linux box acting as a gateway router.
  3. WinBalance

  4. An HTTP layer-4 switch was implemented using Windows-NT.
  5. WebDoubler

  6. A Compression Proxy Server was implemented to take advanatge of the inherent capabilities of the HTTP protcol and the content encoding and decompression capabilities of most web clients (Explorer, Navigator, Opera).
  7. Voice Portal System

  8. Using Nunance development kit, various applications (personal banking, v-commerce, etc) were implemented